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Indian MP’s – Member of Parliament want 5 times salary hike.

Indian MP’s ( Member of Parliament) want 5 times salary hike.

A Parliamentary committee has recommended that the monthly salary of MPs should be hiked five times from Rs 16,000 to Rs 80,000.

Price hike in Petrol, Gas, Diesel that affects in price raise of transportation cost that directly affects in cost hike of vegetables, food and other everyday products.  Inflation has already crossed the limits and its impossible to survive common and middle man. This the current condition of country and  MP’s – Member of Parliament asking for 5 times salary hike.

I would like to mention one example of England, where the salaries of the lawmakers were frozen due to the impact of recession.

Public: First time in the world someone expecting 5 times salary hike for doing nothing.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister P K Bansal said “Nothing has been finalized. Everything is under discussion. Very soon, we will take it up with concerned ministries. We hope to take it to the Cabinet so as to introduce a bill in the coming session of Parliament”

In justification of hike Bansal said Government employees got sixth pay commission hike and there have been a hike in the pay packages of private sector employees too.

Public: How he can compare MP’s with private sector employees,

1) cause private sector employees need to face do or die situation every day to earn that salary.

2) MP’s can run their business, private sector employees can not do cause its against rule.

3) MP’s have no responsibility and accountability, there are doing their assigned works even.

4) as per one channels surve average asset of MP is above 1 crore. ( what is the need of salary for them)

5) MP’s having many economical resources unlike private sector employees.

6 ) Allowances, Perks and facilities MP’s are having like Free 1st Ac Train Travel, Free Air Journeys and many things unlike private sector employees.

Public thinks MP’s should not get hike, cause MP’s does not deseve.

  1. Atul
    July 2, 2010 at 6:05 am

    Nice post.

  2. vemula kanakarajam
    December 12, 2010 at 6:23 am

    In india each MP is getting above 1 crore rupees for month being nothing except raising hand or down in certain time needed,when few of them speaks for favour or against of concerned subject,which does not relevant directly to the people also.

    out of 543,howmany of gone with to raise certain issues relevant to the people development in this 63 years independence.one or two programmes to be taken care to get votes and all other issues are personal i.e.bribes etc.
    for this purpose these 543 MPs are required for this poor country,who does not have to take food even at one time for 80crores out of 120 crores in this India.

    For ex: in A.P.and in particular our region MP mr.Chandrashekarrao,belongs to TRS, who has been eshtablished for the party to seperate Telangana purpose is not gone even one day to speak about Telangana state achievement purpose.Then what is the use of having and being a M.P.to take more than one crore rupees for a month all together and that to without attending Parliament also.
    Neither he speaks nor to fight against in the sessions of Loksabha in Delhi and (gets thousands of) crores of rupees for nothing on the name of Telangana in this 10 years period.
    Like that all 543 MPs except few in single digit are also not there in this,as on observing day to day politics.
    Not only this,on the name of Parliament,the MPs are looting money public dept.,or private persons on the corporating systems on the development programmes to the people of India.
    since independence what achievement made by this Indian Govt.except to increase population and poverty line improvement by snatch away irrregular moneies from companies either from indians or from foriegners.
    The lakhs of crores of rupees are being corrupted due to 3G spectum/2G etc.and not only this the Adharsh society in Mumbai,which eshtablished for ARMIES,who are the fighting for our country safeguard.Further in sports in common wealth game also.

    Is parliament useful for this purpose to get away such things ratification by this socalled 543 MPs and another 275 who are called Intellectuals been elected for the Rajyasabha MPs.
    Nobody bothers about 100 lakh crores of rupees are being kept in swiss Bank and another 100 lakh crores of rupees are kept in foriegn banks illegally,which does not useful to our Indian people and went with suicides/hunger deaths etc.atleast thousands of people in India dailywise average.Is it great for our so called the democracy biggest in the world.
    We people in India is ready to work without taking any rupee in cash except to go and participate the real discussions for the develpoment of our country and to know the peoples minds for to get still better future programmes involved etc.
    What is the neccessary to have such a hike in increase 5 times salary, which leading to almost crores of rupees expenditure incurring on one MP for a month.
    As a citizen of Indian and common man,even though I worked as a I class officer post in State A.P.electricity dept.for the period of 25 years and due to this corruption,I had been left office for even before another 10 years period left.
    It is my reqest that don’t make money on dead bodies,as you MPs are highest regard in India treated earlier but now it is been treating that the people not getting fear about devils but about this unethical MPs,who is being snatching away by this corrupted monies and kept in block money on benamis names.
    This is not correct,your Atma should get cleen and soft and fair for the leaders.
    So,therefore,don’t get dirty politics and therefore,if you are already tax paid even one ruppee than you need not go for another benefits like salaries,perks etc.
    Don’t divide 120 crores of people money on 543 + 275 MPs and try to go for the lowest income group candidate must be selected in future otherwise our country will go in to dogs and we will be seen as beggers in out side countries.Even rich MP also will be treated like that,as already we are getting experienced.
    If you,the leaders are not been changed it is the waste of life by living with this corruptions earning except to get tensions on every day life upto die.

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