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India won the CB Series

By Beating Australia by 9 runs in a thrilling second final of the CB Series, India brought historic win over Australia.

India have won the Commonwealth Bank Series, A brilliant performance by young Praveen Kumar and Sachin‘s 91 runs took India to historic win.

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India beat Australia

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Mahendrasingh Dhoni: “It was the building stage of my team. There were a few doubts if this team can do well in Austalia. The bowlers did well but the way we improved our batting was great. The way Sachin gave us a start was great. It can’t get better than this, beating them(Australia) in two finals. With their batting line there were a few concerns with all of them not scoring.”click here to know more comments

Sachin Tendulkar about Australian tour and youngsters

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  1. March 5, 2008 at 10:30 am

    India won the tri-series in Australia and also the under-19 world cup. aFter the bitter disappointment of the first round exit in the World Cup, this bit of news is welcome for millions of Indian cricket fans.

    The cricket was great, the controverisies not so great but on the whole we enjoyed it. Oh, yes we did 🙂

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