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Virendra Sehwag knocked second Triple Century

March 28, 2008 9 comments

Virendra sehwag smashed second Triple hundred of his test carrier. This is the fastest ever Triple century in Test cricket, 300 runs in 278 balls.

Hats Off to sehwag.

Virendra sehwag was going to throw every ball beyond boundries. till now he hit the ball for 41 boundries and 5 sixes.

Virendra - 300

Centuries virendra- 200 virendra sehwag

and he is playing for his words.

Third Day’s special movements:
At the end of the Third day INDIA is on 468 for 1 in 106 over. Virendra sehwag is not out on 309 and Dravid is on 65. Dravid 15 runs short to complete 10000 runs in Test Cricket.
Partnership between Dravid and sehwag crossed 200 runs, and among that sehwag has 150 above runs share. Before that Virendra Sehwag and Wasim Jafar(77 runs) given 213 runs opening partnership.

386 runs scored today for the loss of just one wicket, highest runs scored in India in single day.

Records of that Test:

1) First Triple ton on Indian soil.

2) First time in test history when the first two partnerships of an innings has been 200 plus.

3) Rahul Dravid became the 3rd Indian to achieve 10,000 Test run.

4) Virender Sehwag became the first man in the history of the game to be involved in two 200 plus partnerships in a single innings of a Test match.

The players having Two triple hundreds in test:

Don Bradman 334 – Australia v England, Headingley, 1930, 304 – Australia v England, Headingley, 1934
Brian Lara 400 no – West Indies v England, Antigua, 2003-04, 375 – West Indies v England, Antigua, 1993-94
Virender Sehwag 309 – India v Pakistan, Multan, 2003-04, 309 no – India v South Africa, Chennai, 2007-08

Fastest triple century (balls faced)

278 balls – V Sehwag, India v South Africa, Chennai, 2007-08
362 balls – M L Hayden, Australia v Zimbabwe, Perth, 2003-04
355 balls – W R Hammond, England v New Zealand, Auckland, 1932-33After records: 1) Sehwag moved to 12th position in the ICC Test Rankings, 17 % rise in his rating, earlier he was on 25 position.

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Holi – Festival of Colours

March 21, 2008 5 comments

The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March (Phalguna) every year. Holi celebration begins with lighting up of bonfire symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Dhulhendi (Dhulwad), people spend the day throwing coloured powder and water at each other.

Holi - rangpanchami

This festival is also associated with the immortal love of Krishna and Radha, and Pralhad – bhakta of Lord Vishnu.
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HOli in traditional way

In Maharashtra, Holi is called Shimga or Rangpanchami.

In Bengal, Holi features the Dolayatra.

In Punjab, they call it ‘Hola Mohalla’

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Scientific reason for celebrating the Holi,

1) The mutation period of winter and spring, induces the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere as well as in the body. When Holika is burnt, temperature rises to about 145 degrees Fahrenhiet. Following the tradition when people perform Parikrima (circumambulation or going around) around the fire, the heat from the fire kills the bacteria in the body thus, cleansing it.

2) The day after the burning of Holika people put ash (Vibhuti) on their forehead and they would mix Chandan (sandalpaste) with the young leaves and flowers of the Mango tree and consume it to promote good health.

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India won the CB Series

March 5, 2008 1 comment

By Beating Australia by 9 runs in a thrilling second final of the CB Series, India brought historic win over Australia.

India have won the Commonwealth Bank Series, A brilliant performance by young Praveen Kumar and Sachin‘s 91 runs took India to historic win.

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India beat Australia

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Mahendrasingh Dhoni: “It was the building stage of my team. There were a few doubts if this team can do well in Austalia. The bowlers did well but the way we improved our batting was great. The way Sachin gave us a start was great. It can’t get better than this, beating them(Australia) in two finals. With their batting line there were a few concerns with all of them not scoring.”click here to know more comments

Sachin Tendulkar about Australian tour and youngsters

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