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Sourav Ganguly – The Real Hero

December 28, 2007 41 comments

In the book of Cricket Sourav Ganguly will be at top in the list of strong comeback.

Sourav Ganguly - The Real Hero

Ganguly, made a return to the one-day side after 15 months, scored 98.
Recently double century against orthodox competitor Pakistan. Got the man of the match and man of the Series in same series.

Ganguly is the second highest run getter in Test cricket in year 2007. Ganguly scored 1106 runs in 10 tests at an average 61.44.

Ganguly is the Fifth highest run getter in One-day cricket in year 2007. Ganguly scored 1240 runs in 32 matches at an average 44.28.

Ganguly is highest run getter in combine One-day and Test in 2007 with 2346 runs.

Now he is playing his 100th test, another milestone.

Now he is inspiration for young generation… Oh sorry not for young but for everybody.
He bangs back like a phoenix.

No one was with him when he was thrown out of team, when he was out of form, everybody mainly media was in total opposition, senior cricketers also in opposition.

For example Bishen Singh Bedi, Former Captain for the Indian cricket team had once said thatGanguly should retire. Some might call it unfortunate, but what other option does he have? It does not matter if India struggles in a few matches with a clutch of youngsters. After all, these youngsters have long-term prospects”.

The time that he had gone through was a limit of mental endurance.

Former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga, writing ‘Wish as anyone might, nobody can take away his [Ganguly’s] record or the esteem in which he is held worldwide. India must learn to respect its heroes lest they look like pirates, who can only destroy a legacy,’

Being out of form is a real bad time in any players career, but for DADA it was more then just being out of form, he had to step down as the captain of the Indian cricket team, he was thrown out of the Indian cricket side, and after all this it would have been really difficult to keep temper cool and perform well and come back in team.

Sourav Ganguly

But he has done it by keeping the all bad patches, mental stress, frustration, critical period behind.
That is just amazing, will power and it’s his strong will that has helped him to reach back to the glory and position that he once enjoyed.

Hats off to Sourav Ganguly, for his dedication, will power and hard work.

Sourav Ganguly




Christmas: season of Santa clause, Gift Giving and Joy

December 21, 2007 2 comments

Marry ChristmasX’MAS is a festival about/ of  Celebration, Joy, Gift Giving, Santa clause,  X’mas tree,  Saint Stephen, holidays and to be happy and make others too.

Centuries before the arrival of the man called Jesus, early Europeans celebrated light and birth in the darkest days of winter.
The date of the celebration is traditional, and is not considered to be his actual date of birth.
In the Western world, the birthday of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354, replacing an earlier date of January 6th.

The word “Christmas” originated as a contraction of “Christ’s mass.” It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038. In early Greek versions of the New Testament, the letter ? (chi), is the first letter of Christ. Since the mid-sixteenth century ?, or the similar Roman letter X, was used as an abbreviation for Christ. Hence, “Xmas” is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas.

In most places around the world, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. Christmas Eve is the preceding day, December 24. In the United Kingdom and many countries of the Commonwealth, Boxing Day is the following day, December 26. In Catholic countries, Saint Stephen’s Day or the Feast of St. Stephen is December 26. The Armenian Apostolic Church observes Christmas on January 6. Eastern Orthodox Churches that still use the Julian Calendar celebrate Christmas on the Julian version of 25 December, which is January 7 on the more widely used Gregorian calendar, because the two calendars are now 13 days apart.

Santa Claus:

Santa claus Santa- Gift Giver Santa claus-christmas
jolly old man with a long white beard and wearing a red suit, Santa Claus is popular with children as a gift-giving person. There is myth, On Christmas Eve night he travels around the world, flying across the sky in a sleigh drawn by eight reindeer.He enters households by sliding down the chimney with his sack of toys. He places the gifts under the christmas tree or in socks, all this is done while the children sleep.
Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply “Santa” is a fictional folklore figure who, in Western cultures, is presented as bringing gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Saint Nicholas is the common name for Saint Nicholas, a Lycian saint and Bishop of Myra in Anatolia (in modern-day Antalya province,Turkey, though then it was a Greek-speaking Roman Province). He was born during the third century in the village of Patara. He had a reputation for secret gift-giving, but is now commonly identified with Santa Claus.
The popular image of Santa Claus was created by the German-American cartoonist Thomas Nast (1840–1902), who drew a new image annually, beginning in 1863. By the 1880s, Nast’s Santa had evolved into the form we now recognize. The image was standardized by advertisers in the 1920s.

Santa claus santa with Gifts santa and gifts

pine tree is associated with Christmas.The evergreen pine is symbole of “life over death”



Marry Christmas

December 21, 2007 1 comment

Merry Christmas Merry X-mas

Christmas means JOY, Celebration, Gifts, Holidays, and Happpiness. Christmas is ‘Season of Giving’.

Christmas season of Giving Santa Christmas Tree

Christmas literally means the Mass (celebration) of Christ. “Christ” is a Greek word and title, meaning “anointed” or one set apart by God for a special purpose. “Christ” is equivalent to the Hebrew word “Messiah.” Based on the words of ancient prophets, the first century Jewish people expected the arrival of the Messiah promised by God as a great deliver of the people.

Christmas christmas - candles

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