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Electricity in India: Lack (?) And … Use of Electricity

Is India (we) really lacking that much electricity that we can not fulfill the basic needs?

Look at the following pictures and think on above question!!!!!!

181020075141.jpgVillege side have not proper bus stop but in city Bus stop are lighted.18102007526.jpgAdvertisments

It’s really strange that we are having load shedding hours from 4 to 10. On top of this, some villages are getting the electricity hardly for 6 to 8 hours. Still our government is allowing such high electricity consuming lightings…. Why?

There should be some sort of restrictions on the use of electricity for banners, advertisements and hoardings.

We, as a good citizen, should also limit the use of electric equipments. Whenever possible we should try to save electricity by,

· Using staircase instead of elevators (if possible)

· Minimizing use of Air Conditioners or restricting the temperature level by AC to certain value

· Switching off the domestic equipments whenever not in use, such as TV, Fans, Lights

· Switching off the monitor whenever not in use.


India had 97,837 MW of generating capacity on 31 March 2000. In addition to this

Utility-owned capacity, a substantial amount of auto-production capacity exists mainly

In the industrial sector, now amounting to around 15,000 MW, according to official

Data. Capacity additions of 4,242 MW were made during 1998-99. Growth in power

generation has increased rapidly in recent years, from 301 TWh in 1992/3 to 451 TWh

In 1998/9 – an average annual rate of growth of just over 6%.

Consumption of electricity by agriculture Multiplied by 19 from 1971 to 1998, whereas overall consumption multiplied only By seven. As of 1998.


India is a major producer and consumer of energy:

* It is the world’s eleventh largest energy producer, accounting for about 2.4% of the world’s total annual energy production;

* The sixth largest energy consumer, accounting for about 3.7% of the world’s total annual energy consumption; and

* Primary energy demand has grown over the last thirty years at an average rate of 3.6% a year.

The total installed capacity in India increased to 137,552 MW in 2005 compared to 131,424 MW in 2004.

Annual electricity generation and consumption have increased by about 64% in the past decade and its projected rate of increase in electricity consumption – estimated at as much as 8-10% annually through to 2020 – is one of the highest in the world.

Energy Poverty

Some 595 million people in India – 60% of the Indian population – depend on Traditional biomass for cooking and heating. The electricity industry faces enormous challenges in providing a reliable service and meeting rising demand.

source: http://www.worldcoal.org/pages/content/index.asp?PageID=402


– Inadequate power generation capacity

– Electricity is either stolen, or not billed

– Lack of optimum utilisation of the existing generation capacity

– Inadequate inter-regional transmission links

– Inadequate and ageing sub-transmission & distribution network leading to power cuts and local failures/faults.

– Inefficient use of electricity by the end consumer

– Lack of discipline.

Save electicity at home, it will automatically save county’s electricity and your money.







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