Ramsetu Bachhav

About Ramsetu:

This is a historic monument in our history.This is historic because the word ‘setu’ evokes immediately a sacred social memory. Shri Ramsetu is not just an imaginary thing but a reality, which has been proved by NASA also. NASA in October 2002 had taken some space images of the bridge between Sri Lanka and Bharat. NASA had also said that the bridge was about 17,50,000 years old, which matches with the advent of Shri Ram during Tretayuga.

Sethusamudram shipping canal project:(SSCP):

The controversial Sethusamudram project excavating the 56-km-long shallow sea between the Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar and creating a narrow shipping passage linking the east and west coasts of India received a formal go-ahead signal from the Union Cabinet recently, according to press reports.

cost of the project: Rs 2233 crores

An estimated 48 million cubic metres of silt will be removed over the next two years.


1) save up to 780 km of sailing distance and 30 hours of sailing time for ships plying between the east and west coasts of India.

2) will also boost the national economy besides speeding up the movement of Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels as well.


1) Fear Of Tsunami:

During the last tsunami in December 2004, the Ramar Bridge, also known as Adams Bridge in the Palk Bay acted as a natural barrier preventing the direct devastation of the entire South Indian coastline, south and southwest of Nagapattinam. The breaking and dismantling of the Ramar Bridge will suck the next, impending, tsunami waves directly into the South Indian coastline.
The entrance to the channel should be re-oriented towards the eastern side. Otherwise, there is a chance that it may create a deepwater route for another devastating tsunami. This may cause huge destruction in Kerala.

2) Many Naval officials are saying that even after the completion of SSCP, the depth of the canal shall be only 12 meters (about 36 feet ), and only small and medium sized vessels shall be able to pass. Large sized vessels and carriers shall not be able to pass.

Opinion of Captain (retired) H Balakrishnan of the Indian Navy : The Sethu Samudram project, if I can put it simply from a mariner’s stand point, does not make any nautical sense.

It was H. Balakrishnan’s interes made him sudy on this project, he has focused from all angles on this project, and results in as neither are you saving time nor is it viable economically.

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Things to Focus:

There are clear indications that the environmental clearance was given to the SSCP without taking into account the following fundamental engineering and cost-benefit factors:

  1. Effect of a tsunami-type of event on the SSCP. All the scientists are unanimous in their view that a recurrence of tsunamis cannot be ruled out.
  2. Locations for dumping the dredged sand
  3. Costs of continuous dredging given the continuous sea currents which tend to create the shoals through the never-ending natural accretion process, again and again rebuilding the Ramar bridge, and thus making the SSCP, apart from being financially unviable, inoperable for most of the time.
  4. There has been no market study of the numbers and types of vessels which will navigate through the channel and the freight rates expected to be paid by these vessels for being tugged through the proposed Canal.



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